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Telequip T-Flex Coin Dispenser

Accelerate Speed of Service, Safeguard Against Shrink, Reduce Cashier Error, and Streamline Cash Management!

Improves Customer Service. Providing efficient and professional customer service is essential to your success. Telequip’s T-Flex Coin Dispenser is an integral part of a quality customer service solution.


Simple & Easy
Simple to install and easy to train employees, studies have shown that installing a Coin Dispenser can save between 3 to 7 seconds off of every cash transaction. This means servicing more customers – faster! More customers equal increased profits!

Accurate Change – Every Time!
With a T-Flex Coin Dispenser, cashier error becomes a thing of the past because the Coin Dispenser automatically calculates the correct change through your Point of Sale system, safeguarding against shrink. Transactions become fast, dependable, and accurate.

Streamlines Cash Management
Labor savings abound with fewer coin replenishment runs, easier shift changeover, and improved back office procedures.

Reduce Shrink
Reduce time cash drawer is open and loose coin can be easily deposited in the new Load n Lane Canister lessening unintended loss.

One-year parts and labor.


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