LED420 Counterfeit Bill Detector


LED420 Counterfeit Bill Detector


  • Designed with our exclusive, long lasting and innovative super-bright LEDs
  • Unique hassle-free LEDs never require bulb replacements like conventional UV lamps
  • Compact and sleek design saves counter space
  • Quickly verify bills, IDs, credit card and other security documents
  • UV emission intensity adjustable by the user
  • LEDs power off automatically, extending unit’s life
  • DC powered device that helps reduce costs of electricity
  • Three year warranty and UL certified

Operational Features

  • Detection Functions:
    • ULTRAVIOLET detection (UV)
    • WATERMARK verification
  • Made using super-bright and long-lasting LEDs (10000 hours)
  • Intuitive automatic ON/OFF sensors that help in extending the machine’s lifespan while helping to reduce electrical costs
  • Allows for quick and easy verification of security features in bills, credit cards, IDs, and other security documents
  • Watermark verification allows for complementary analysis of a bill or document

Quality Construction

  • Made with super-bright, long-lasting Ultraviolet LEDs (lasts approximately 10000 hours)
  • Watermark Verification system uses long-lasting LEDs
  • Powered by AC / DC power adaptor (12VDC)
  • Compact and sturdy deisgn made with high-quality materials


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